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About Amtex Detergent Products Ltd.

Amtex Chemical Co. Ltd. (aka. Amtex USA) is an American company founded in Houston Texas since 1981, which provides intermediate chemicals, stabilizers, master-batches, and proprietary formulations for clients from various industries. 

Since over twenty years ago, AMTEX has poured its resources into becoming the leader in alternative, chemical-free solutions.  By 2001, in order to reveal the fruits of its many years of research, AMTEX established an experimental plant in China, one of our global eco-crisis hot zones; the plan was to introduce safe, effective alternatives that are friendly to the environment.

Amtex Detergent Products Ltd. (aka. ADP) situated in Fushan Nanhai of China, is the said AMTEX experimental plant, now also the AMTEX Asia base of operations; it is the field-leader in the development of eco-friendly alternative products, catering to both industrial, commercial, and household needs.