The much acclaimed AW and AL series developed by ADP are used for the specific removal of grime and lime scales from metal surfaces on boiler and refrigeration systems. With exceptional cleaning performance and corrosion far below industry tolerance set by government standards, these outstanding products have been hailed as the ‘first choice’ in boiler and refrigeration systems maintenance and vastly used by government contractors and many large corporations.

The all-natural nano-salt cleansers series is the latest creation by ADP. Non-toxic, disinfecting, deodorizing, and deep cleaning while gentle to the cleaning surface, make the all-natural nano-salt cleanser series adaptable to a vast range of applications.

**All products developed by ADP are not only effective, but are also designed to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Product Name Product # Applications
Natural Nano Mineral Cleanser (Food-grade) NM100 The natural cleanser removes pesticide, insects, germs & odor on vegetable & meat. It is made by all natural ingredient.
Heat-Pipe Heat Exchange Cleanser AW60-A Formulate to dissolve and remove scales inside the heat exchanger.
Central Air Tower Cleanser AW50-A Moves scales on water cooling tower and central air-condition system including water pipes, heat exchanger, condensers and water pumps.
For professional boiler cleaning AW50-B For professional boiler cleaning.
For matte-finish mosaic tiles AW50-C For cleaning dirty & ugly mosaic.
Lime and rust remover for tiles AW50-T Strong cleaning agent for tough cement residues, rust stains and tiles. Good helper for cleaning bathroom, kitchen terrace and open spaces.
Air-conditioner condenser aluminum fin cleaner AW30-A Specialize in cleaning aluminum fins on air-conditioner condensers. No damages to sensitive Aluminum fins.
Auto-Radiator Cleaner AW30-R Do it yourself on the spot without dismantling or remove the radiator unit from the engine. No corrosion or damage to either aluminum or copper tubing.
Multi-purpose household cleaner AL100 A multi purpose cleanser for your daily household cleaning ---- kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dinning room floors, furniture & windows. One bottle do it all.
Eco-friendly professional carpet cleaner AL200 Professional carpet cleaning. Removes dirt, grease, odor, tea & coffee stains.
Industrial oil / grease remover AL300 Cleaning heavy industrial greases.
Heavy-duty stove-top degreaser AL400 Cleaning kitchen stove, microwave oven, air-vents and tough burn greases.
Automatic water treatment system AA666 This is an automatic water treatment system that helps to prevent germs, scales and rust generate in water cooling system including cooling tower, piping, pumps and heat exchangers.
Graffiti remover (stones, bricks, concrete, tiles). Non-suitable for cleaning plastics. AA900-A Cleans up graffiti on walls, stones, bricks, tiles and floor. Non suitable for plastic surfaces.
Glue and magic-marker stains remover(safe for painted surfaces) AA900-B It removes tough glue and marker grafitti on painted doors, tiles, windows, floors, walls and bill boards without harming the cleaning surface.